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Financial Management & Budget Counseling

More and more homeowners, coop owners, and residents are seeking ways to reduce their monthly home and family expenses. They also want to know the consequences of their indebtedness and how it affects their future borrowing credit. The impact of our financial education allows residents to remain in their homes, relieves their anxiety about paying their high mortgage and monthly expenses, and creates a realistic family budget.

We also resolve insurance claims (Private or FEMA) and guide homeowners through the steps to complete home restoration. In counseling, we review the scope of work, documents, costs of restoration funds received, how funds were spent, and how much money is still needed for unmet repairs to apply for loans and grants.

Senior Financial Counseling

We offer education and counseling to seniors to evaluate their current financial situation and devise ways to reach financial security. Specific assistance includes money management, assistance with public entitlements to reduce housing costs, medical insurance, community resources, and estate management.

At GSBDC, we’re dedicated to guiding seniors toward financial security. Thanks to Ridgewood Savings Bank, our mission is stronger. Their Ridgewood Good checking account offers flexible options to waive fees, and their Credit Builder loan helps seniors boost their credit scores. We’re grateful for Ridgewood’s support in empowering our community’s seniors.

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