December 18, 2014

Housing Exemptions


Client requests for ways to reduce monthly housing expenses are an ongoing problem in our service area. We qualify them over the telephone, make individual appointments, tell them what documents to bring to complete the applications and send them certified mail to ensure that the application is received by the appropriate government agency. Over 50% of our residents are low-income senior citizens residing in rent-stabilized apartments and co-op apartments in our service area; they live on fixed incomes and are faced with continued rising housing costs, especially fuel increases.


Homeowners seek real property tax reductions that are listed below. GSBDC counsels and completely packages documents for all the exemptions, which allows our clients to remain in their apartments and homes, and the reduced monthly rent/real property taxes creates surplus for daily living expenses. All our residents are properly qualified, applications are completed, and documents are attached and sent certified mail. We call to follow up if the subsidy applications are received and if not; we call the appropriate city agency or building managers. The impact of these services substantially reduces rent/maintenance and property taxes and creates surplus funds for daily living expenses.