Sandy Counseling Services

Our services will improve the financial capability of low-moderate income households by making them take control of their debt, specifically by lowering mortgage payments, dealing with debt collectors and improving credit. Personalized, one-on-one financial guidance will include: (1) evaluation of clients’ financial status, and setting financial goals; (2) tracking and managing spending; (3) creating a customized budget; (4) reducing debt with realistic payment plans; (5) checking credit reports to maintain accuracy and improvement.


Our counseling sessions include a detailed credit counseling financial work-up comparing (income to expenses) to determine the deficit between the two entities. After making this comparison on a computer print-out, we explained to the client how to effectively create an affordable household budget and develop a plan of action to reduce and consolidate household debts as well as to explore ways to increase income. As a result of our efforts, these homeowners were awarded loan modifications which reduce the monthly payment of their loan as well as the interest rate. More and more area homeowners and coop owners as well as out of area residents are seeking ways to reduce their monthly home and family expenses. They also want to know the consequences of their indebtedness and how it affects their future borrowing credit. The impact of our financial education allows residents to remain in their homes, relieves their anxiety about paying their high mortgage and monthly expenses and creates a realistic family budget.

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