Loan Services

NYS-MAP New York State Mortgage Assistance Program

We fill out NYS-MAP Mortgage Assistance Program loans with required documents to help homeowners with a lien held against their property.

  • NYS-MAP funds are paid directly to the servicer or owner of the debt.
  • The maximum loan amount is $80,000. There is no minimum.
  • NYS-Map loans are at 0% interest and require no monthly payments.
  • NYS-Map loans become due when the home is sold, refinanced with cash-out, no longer owner-occupied, or, if none of these conditions are met, 30 years from the date of closing or after the primary mortgage matures, whichever is longer.
  • Finds are due in one lump sum. There is no early repayment penalty.



We fill out HDP (HIP) Home Improvement Loans with required documents to help homeowners repair masonry, roofing, plumbing, boiler/furnace replacements, and electrical wiring with low-cost interest loans.


Affordable 2.5% and 5% Loans for One to Four Family Loans

Needed Document:

  • Application from HPD
  • Contractors Cost Estimate
  • Utility Bill (to verify owner-occupancy)
  • Proof of ownership – Deed
  • Current IRS 1040 Tax Return
  • Copy of W2
  • Copy of 2 Pay stubs
  • Certificate of Housing Deficiencies from HPD

Borrow $2000-$30,000 and pay back loan over a maximum of 10 years. Must be the owner-occupant of the home.