For Co-op/Home Owners

Senior Citizen Rent Increase Exemption Program
New York State Tax Relief Program

(Reduces Real Estate Property Taxes)
Home Energy Assistance Program

(Only for Homeowners)
Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program
Senior Citizen Homeowner Exemption Program
Veterans Property Tax Exemption
Tax Exemp-
tion for Disabled Home-owners
Age: 62+ yearsBasic Star
Age: None

Enhanced Star
Age: 65+ years
Age: NoneAge: NoneAge: 65+ yearsAge: 65+ yearsAge: 65+ years
Maximum (Yearly) Income: $50,000Basic Star
Maximum (Yearly) Income: $500,000 or less

Enhanced Star
Maximum (Yearly) Income: $83,300 or less
Maximum (Monthly) Income:

(Single): $2,194
(Couple): $2,869
Maximum (Monthly) Income:

No Elderly or Disabled Member:
(Single): $1,265
(Couple): $1,705

Elderly or Disabled Member:
(Single): $1,945
(Couple): $2,622
Maximum (Monthly) Income: $37,399 or less

Note: You cannot receive both SCHE and DHE. If you qualify for both, you will only be granted SCHE.
Maximum (Monthly) Income: None

Note: The deadline is March 1.
Maximum (Monthly) Income: $37,399 or less
Building Eligibility:
Rent-stabilized buildings, Mitchell Lama Co-ops
Building Eligibility:
Must be your primary residence
Qualification(s): Must be paying more than 1/3 of income towards rentQualific-ation(s): Qualified Veterans with honorable discharge from USAQualific-ation(s): Disabled owner(s)